The Notebooks
by Josée Fiset

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Josée Fiset


My name is Josée Fiset. Without knowing me, you already have an idea of who I am. Because when you peel off from your fingers the flaky layers of our croissants or when you break apart our floury, crusty loaves, you are tapping into a part of my values, my aspirations, my passions. And because I am an epicurean, a woman who aspires to what is beautiful, delicious and shareable, I thought of creating the first of a series of magical little notebooks to give you some insight into my own little wonderland!

Josée Fiset


An HEC Montréal graduate, Josée Fiset is co-founder of Première Moisson bakeries. 

Guardian of the brand’s image since day one, she has led the company throughout its growth, making sure it stays true to its core values: authenticity, respect and equity.

Mindful of the environment and her company’s social involvement, Josée Fiset and her family’s co-founding members made the decision in 2007 to guaranty Première Moisson’s wheat supply originates from Quebec. This goal was successfully reached through the company’s collaboration with Moulins de Soulanges in developing high-quality natural flours that stem from sensible agricultural practices.

In the fall of 2014, a partnership with Metro was announced. Within this new structure, Josée Fiset made sure to keep an oversight of Première Moisson’s brand development and of its retail network’s ethical practices.

An inspired and inspiring woman, Josée Fiset is a member of the Conseil Québécois du commerce de détail as well as a much sought-after guest speaker. Her conferences on responsible leadership are particularly interesting. She is also the author of two books developed in collaboration with two chefs — Tarts & Pies with Dominic Boué and Bread with Éric Blais — both published at Éditions de l’Homme.


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