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Energy, squared!

If I feel peckish midmorning, I’ll snack on some almonds, which I mix with cranberries. But when it comes to picking a square, I’ll always go for the chocolate over, say, date. But if I’m looking for a healthy snack (other than a piece of fruit or a cereal bar), I try to banish from my mind those chewy Rice Krispies squares of our childhood, and instead opt for the good, nutritious ingredients of an Energy Square.


Here’s how I discovered the Energy Square. I was on my way to the gym after the office one afternoon, thinking I wouldn’t make it through my workout on an empty stomach. I stopped by my favourite bakery, Première Moisson, where I stood swooning over the tempting pastries. But my cooler head prevailed and I asked whether they had anything nutritious and “not too sweet” that would give me enough energy to sweat my way through cardio. I came out with my new find: a small, compact square that looked strangely like its cousin, the brownie.

I observed it from every angle, felt its consistency, inhaled its pleasant odour. Then I bit off a corner. My taste buds immediately detected generous pieces of dried fruits (dates, cranberries and figs), perfectly blended into organic Khorasan wheat, which by the way, has 20% to 40% more protein than regular wheat, as well as fibre, iron, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and vitamins B2, B3 and E. For my second bite, I closed my eyes to better appreciate the recipe, and my palate was pleasantly surprised to find small pieces of dark chocolate mixed in with the nuts (hazelnuts and almonds) and chia seeds (organic and high in fibre, protein and antioxidants). The more I ate, the more the flavours burst in my mouth. And soon, I felt satisfied and refreshed enough to do my hour-long workout.

Friendly tip: If you want to satisfy hunger during the day and avoid chips or cookies, this substantial, high-energy snack is the solution. It’s also a great post-exercise pick-me-up. In short, the Energy Square is a great, guilt-free way to satisfy hunger and calm a craving for sweets. Who could ask for better?


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