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Duck club sandwich

The most plausible origin of the club sandwich goes back to 1894, in Saratoga Springs, in the State of New York. Richard Canfield, art collector and prosperous gambler, acquired the Morrissey’s Club House and created a casino to rival those of Monte Carlo. To allow its patrons to have a little sustenance without having to sit down at a table, a turkey-tomato-lettuce-bacon-mayo layered sandwich, cut into triangles, would have been prepared for the first time in his kitchens. Our recipe revisits this classic by substituting duck for turkey or chicken, however, pork is another option to consider. That said, it's the slice of raisin bread integrated in the heart of the sandwich that most cleverly breaks the old rules of the classic.

Preparation : 10 minutes

Efficiency : 1 sandwich



1. Grill the bread slices. Spread one side of each slice of Belgian bread with goat cheese. Drizzle with a bit of honey.

2. Arrange the mesclun on the cheese of one slice of Belgian bread. Add half of the duck and place the apple slices on top. Cover with the slice of raisin bread and top with the remaining duck. Add the prosciutto and more mesclun. Cover with the remaining slice of bread.

3. Insert 2 large toothpicks through the sandwich and cut in half.


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