The Notebooks
by Josée Fiset

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The open-faced sandwiches

The open-faced sandwiches: lemon curd and raspberries + bananas, blueberries and caramel + artichoke and ricotta + snow crab + smoked salmon + mozzarella and cherry tomatoes + avocado, edamame and feta + goat cheese and apple + figs and prosciutto

open-faced sandwich

lemon curd + raspberries

Belgian bread + lemon curd + fresh raspberries + chopped fresh mint

open-faced sandwich

bananas + blueberries + caramel

Belgian bread + salted butter, mascarpone + slices of banana + blueberries + salted caramel + crushed toasted pecans or hazelnuts

open-faced sandwich

artichoke + ricotta

Olive-oil-drizzled, toasted country-style bread or Belgian bread, rubbed with a garlic clove + ricotta cheese + artichoke wedges grilled in oil + cherry tomato quarters + Parmesan shavings + fresh oregano + pepper and fleur de sel

open-faced sandwich

snow crab

Toasted baguette with olive oil and aioli accented with a splash of lemon juice + fresh snow crab meat + chives and celery leaves

open-faced sandwich

smoked salmon

Toasted baguette with olive oil + crème fraîche + chilled smoked salmon + marinated quail egg cut in half + capers, fresh dill, pepper

open-faced sandwich

mozzarella + cherry tomatoes

Toasted country-style bread with olive oil and rubbed with a garlic clove + shredded fresh mozzarella + slices of different coloured cherry tomatoes + crushed crispy bacon or prosciutto + olive oil + pepper and fleur de sel

open-faced sandwich

avocado + edamame + feta

Organic sprouted grain loaf + mashed avocado with lemon + watercress, edamame + crumbled feta + salted toasted pumpkin seeds + pepper

open-faced sandwich

goat cheese + apple

Organic khorasan or spelt and chia seed bread + fresh goat cheese + thin green apple slices + crushed toasted pistachios + Miels d’Anicet wildflower honey

open-faced sandwich

figs + prosciutto

Raisin, honey and hazelnut bread + mascarpone cheese or ricotta + prosciutto + fig quarters + Miels d’Anicet wildflower honey + Pecorino Romano cheese shavings + your choice of sprouts


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